Watami Japanese Restaurant

I wasn't a fan of Japanese food until about 3 yrs ago - I thought raw food couldn't be good, but Senjyu changed my mind about that. Since then, I'm open to trying Japanese food and after visiting a few restaurants, I can say I like California roll, good sashimi, the best ramen is in Ippudo and no to udon or soba. 

My 1st visit was with the bf to the Paradigm branch and between us we shared a Kaisen Kara Miso Chanko Nabe (what a mouthful! Spicy miso soup + seafood + hot pot) and Chicken Katsu Curry. 

Me & colleagues went to Watami Japanese Restaurant in Pavilion today to celebrate a birthday; the outlet is spacious and lighting was good. The wait staff were attentive and quick to serve; they even encouraged us to make full use of the Livingsocial vouchers as we still had some value left. 

We didn't wait long for our food and the wait staff were quick to re-fill our green tea. 
Salmon sashimi
Watami Tonkotsu Ramen
Chicken katsu tamago toji
Watami Salad (half)
Hiroshima-fu Teppanyaki Soba
Crème brulee
Macha pudding

1) Salmon sashimi - OK
2) Ramen - Ippudo's ramen has more kick. My colleague added chili flakes to every spoonful
3) Tonpeiyaki - it tasted like a noodle version of a burger - OK
4) Chicken katsu tamago toji - to be honest I ordered this thinking it looked like some yee mee soup with egg from the menu...turned out to be a hot plate with the chicken sitting on top of a egg sauce. It was interesting but I found the sauce a bit salty. The chicken was delicious though!
5) Watami salad - this is a half salad and it was LOADED; the portion was pretty big and it had a distinct Japanese flavor - OK
6) Hiroshima-fu Teppanyaki soba - OK
7) Between the desserts, the macha pudding was the winner; the crème brulee didn't have enough of the caramel top and the bottom was warm. Not sweet enough according to my colleague but I thought it tasted ok. The macha pudding was so nice - I helped to finish it because the rest were full - OK

Overall: there's a good variety of Japanese dishes and the chicken is a good choice. Service is good and this restaurant would be suitable for big groups :)

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