Due to the recent writing rush, I keep track of the blog's viewership by entering Blogger Dashboard > Stats. Here I can see the results of Blogger's records on source of traffic, no of pageviews and posts with high no of hits. 

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that the top 2 articles garnering a lot of readers are Fancy A Massage in Bangsar? and Malaysian Passport Renewal Online; the former because many people enjoy traditional massages in Malaysia so it's a good move to read up on other people's experience - the latter because many people are skeptical of the online renewal procedure, particularly after the scare that many won't be able to get their passports renewed on time.

As a blogger, it's interesting to see which articles are popular among the readers, even though this blog is purely a hobby for me. If I were to truly depend on my blog for income, articles like this one would be insightful. To be honest, I'm always thinking and wondering about the world around me, and I express these thoughts through my blog. In the end I only hope whatever I've written is helpful to others plus it's therapeutic for me. 

I've several drafts in Q waiting to be published; some are pretty serious and in-depth, but as it is with all good things, some time and research is needed before I can present the final product. Hopefully something new will knock these 2 articles off their top spots! :)

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