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Happy New Year!

Time flies so quickly; before I knew it, I was attending a NYE celebration party at an ex-colleague's home, and I took opportunity of the public holiday on 1st Jan 2013 to visit a colleague who's on maternity leave.  Lemme list some of the memorable events in 2012: 1) Undertook ABRSM Grade 5 music exam for violin - I'm proud to say that I scored a distinction in this exam, which is amazing seeing that I felt I bungled some notes and I ended up using my beginner violin (after a merry goose chase borrowing "better" violins from others) - I scored 134/150, which is considered a high-scorer list. I was not selected to perform at the ABRSM High Scorer concert but I've a cert and the score sheet to gloat over :D - I'm ambitious enough to buy the Grade 7 book and since the repertoire is valid until 2015, I plan to prepare for at least a year before partaking the exam in 2014/2015...Wish me luck! 2) Welcome aboard Ichthys - This is the biggest career