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Aug 2011

Well Merdeka Raya is around the corner! You know what that means! 1) Sale EVERYWHERE 2) Patriotism & kuih raya go hand-in-hand this year 3) Clear roads post 6.30pm 4) Sneaking into the pantry to make coffee 5) Cookies cookies cookies! 6) Raya music & patriotic messages burning up the radio waves Festivities aside, it's been a big year for me; I'm officially an employee at Technip. Never mind that my official post is Graduate Process Engineer; I'm learning a LOT & I'm enjoying my work. I don't have a problem working overtime because I know the effort will translate into something REAL! Yeah I've neglected this blog but I guess now that I'm more settled, I can get back to filling it up with articles! I'll provide a newsletter for our 2nd anniversary, at least I can work on that on & off. Many things have happened around the world: 1) The uprising of liberal democracy in Libya, Egypt & Syria 2) Teoh Beng Hock's death is


Recently I had the opportunity to visit an offshore platform for a site visit. The purpose of the visit is...jeng jeng jeng! Can't reveal much but I had to obtain information to complete my reports (yeah, I've reached the stage where 1 report is not enough!). I'd to take the following route to the platform: Get a medical checkup > undergo BOSET training > get a safety passport > make the travel arrangements > get my butt there! BOSET stands for Basic Offshore Safety Emergency Training. The purpose of this training is that I've a chance of staying a live should any one of following occurs: i) Helicopter crash to the sea ii) Platform abandonment Also the training helps one to familiarize him/herself with the routine at the platform, like transferring from a boat to the platform, as well as the procedures to conduct work.  I attended the MIS BOSET which is recognized by Petronas & its affliates (if I'm not mistaken), at SEQU Offshore Training