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Mad for Mozart!

I am not new to KLPAC; I heard of them way back when they were housed in BSC (as Bangsar Actors' Studio) and I attended the Flute Festival in 2007. Recently I was re-introduced to the KLPAC via a colleague: she, too, is a violinist with the KLPAC Orchestra. I was intrigued with the idea of a musical group comprising people from different walks of life and ages. Within a few days of taking my grade 7 exam, I went for the audition and have been preparing for my maiden concert on 20 & 21 Feb 2016. Entitled Mad for Mozart, our concert will feature some of Mozart's most dazzling works :) Preparing for a piece is not just about practicing; one must also understand the background and wonder what was Mozart thinking when he penned the notes to such dynamic music. Let's review the pieces to be showcased: Divertimento in D major, K136 Penned at age 16, this piece is full of Mozartian grace and charm; there is an arrage of 16th note combos throughout the piece and the op