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Banana Cake

Banana cake is a family favorite: it's ready available at many supermarkets and groceries. I followed this recipe , with some modifications: 1) I used 80g normal sugar, mainly because I didn't have brown sugar :p 2) I used 1 Dole banana Banana mashed by hand 3) I used about 80 g of butter - and it was finished Batter in the tin I used an oven toaster and the top baked more quickly than the center so I'd to break the crust to ensure the batter gets cooked completely. The result was a moist, naturally sweet (from the ripe banana) banana cake! I didn't grease the cake tin so it took some time to clean.  Uneven crust ;( Nom nom!

Update July 2014

Hi everyone! This is a mini update from me, hope everyone is doing good :) Newfound Hobby My mom is a fan of Ted Talks and she encouraged me to watch this talk entitled "Why 30 is Not the New 20". The talk is by Meg Jay, an American clinical psychologist. The 3 main points delivered are: 1) Get an identity capital, not an identity crisis; add value to who you are 2) The urban tribe is overrated; reach out and network! 3) The time to start picking your family is NOW The  point really hit home; I'm approaching 30 and I do feel I procrastinate because, hey, I'm not 30 yet. However time and tide waits for no man and I'm inspired to add value to myself. Sparked by the success of my tiramisu experiments, I decided to give baking a try and so far it is a highly enjoyable activity. I may be limited by the capacity of an oven toaster but I like making in small batches for family and friends to sample.  So my blog will occasionally feature recipes that I've

Cheesecake via Rice Cooker!

Cheesecake is a popular dessert; there are many variations offered in so many cafès, restaurants, and cake shops; to the point that the choices are endless! I am ambivalent about cheesecake; IMO it is pricey so I save it for special occasions plus I don't have strong cravings for cheese.  So many to choose from... I had excess cream from the previous tiramisu experiments, so I decided to follow COOKPAD's recipe to make cheesecake in a rice cooker. I made some adjustments to the recipe to suit the availability of ingredients: 1) I didn't have lemon juice so I used kumquat juice. Quantity: 3 tbsps 2) I used approx 75 g of sugar 3) I used all-purpose flour, Philadelphia Cream Cheese (250 g) and Paul's thickened cream (250 mL) 4) I greased the surface of the rice cooker with vegetable oil in lieu of butter. Before cooking Steam rising Finished product The cheesecake turned out quite nice; if I had butter and digestive biscuits (elaborate re


I've never been one for making desserts because I always had a preconception that it's too much work for something that disappears so quickly :D However Mum's birthday was coming up and she wasn't a fan of commercial cakes so I thought, what dessert is easy to make without baking? A quick Google search came up with tiramisu as the answer.  Tiramisu is Italian for "Pick Me Up", which is befitting as it is really easy to make and delectable. I've no experience in making tiramisu so I read Malaysian blog entries (for tips on ingredients that I can procure locally) and browsed YouTube videos for 2 days before Mum's birthday. I noted the following: 1) Need strong coffee I don't have an espresso machine and I don't intend to purchase espresso from outside; I then remembered that I bought 2-in-1 Angkor coffee from my recent trip to Siem Reap . Granted, it came with sugar but I just reduced the sugar in the cream (detailed in the instructions